Posted by  •  December 7

Product designers need to look no further than top cult movies for inspiration. Here are five ideas from great movies like Soylent Green to kick them off.

December 6  • 

Every Yoga Teacher Needs a Fall-Back Job (cartoon)

While a yoga teacher may be able to survive by only teaching yoga classes and workshops, many teachers need to supplement their income with other jobs

December 4  • 

The Showering Guide to Creativity (infographic)

If you want to be more creative in your life, this infographic will show you how you can use showering to stimulate your creativity.

December 3  • 

The Law of Urination Revealed

Scientists finally reveal the Law of Urination, giving us vast insight into why most mammals take the same amount of time to relieve themselves.

October 12  • 

The U.S. Government Shutdown Affects Us All (Even John Boehner)

The government shutdown means that websites are no longer updated, but this crisis also affects the information stored in the heads of politicians.

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