Cartoons, Humor  •  July 4

What is the life of a Buddhist like compared to the average person? This cartoon explains it all ... well, some of it.

July 4  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

5 Awkward Yoga Photos You Should Avoid Taking

Yoga photos are part of every yoga teacher’s portfolio, but for the most flattering results, you should avoid these awkward yoga pics.

June 21  •  Cartoons, Humor

Too Sore to Move

Sometimes you are too sore to move, no matter how hard you try ... just ask the "person" in this cartoon.

June 20  •  Writing

Raising the Titanic: Getting Back Into Your Writing Practice

Even the smallest disruptions can throw off your writing practice, but it may be better to start over than trying to recapture your old writing...

January 23  •  Cartoons, Humor

Getting Back Into the Game

There comes a time in every woman's (or man's) life when it's time to get back into the game. Maybe you will have an understanding ear to share that...

January 23  •  Cartoons, Humor

All Things Are Not Created Equal

No matter what the founding fathers of the U.S. said, all things are not created equal. This cartoon gives a sample of life's little (or big)...

December 9  •  Creativity, Writing

6 Tips to Set Your Creativity and Writing Free

Learn how to keep your critical mind and internal editor from killing your creativity and preventing your writing from being free.

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