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TweetMoreEmailPrintShare on TumblrPocketLisa arrived at the resort late on Friday night with her new boyfriend in tow. Most of us had flown into the small-town airport east of the Cascades earlier that day. But she and Jack were living in Portland at the time. So they drove down from the city, making the trek up and...

February 15  •  Favorites, Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

The Look of Strangers

TweetMoreEmailPrintShare on TumblrPocketI’ve lived here for over three years, but I still get that “look” from strangers every time I step into...

October 19  •  Cartoons, Humor

The Everyday Life of the Emperor of China

Emperor of China was a much-coveted title, but the emperor's true nature was revealed not on the battlefield, but while performing everyday tasks.

October 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

When Night Falls, It Comes Without Warning

As night falls, a white shadow slithers off the main highway and toward the end of the cul-de-sac. Gather the children, because it’s come for them...

October 2  •  Favorites, Humor

Fall Is … Hunting and Backyard Burn Piles

To really enjoy fall, you have to get outside and experience the best that nature has to offer, which includes hunting and backyard burn piles.

July 11  •  Favorites, Humor

Tangled Web of Evidence Lingers After Facebook Status Change

Scrubbing painful evidence of relationship mistakes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites can be a challenge.

July 4  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Life of a Buddhist

What is the life of a Buddhist like compared to the average person? This cartoon explains it all ... well, some of it.

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