5 Awkward Yoga Photos You Should Avoid Taking

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Dancer's yoga pose in majestic nature (Pixabay)One thing that’s almost universal among yoga teachers—other than a strong desire to eat as much kale as humanly possible—is that they love having their picture taken while doing yoga.

If you’ve ever gone on vacation with a yoga teacher, you know what I mean.

While most people take casual selfies in front of famous landmarks and majestic vistas, yoga teachers stop every few minutes to snap a shot of themselves doing crow or dancer’s or other yoga poses, while less active tourists peer around their limber bodies for a view of the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty.

Experienced yoga teachers often hire a professional photographer to take pictures that make even themselves say, “Wow, that pose is amazing!”

Newer teachers, though, may be tempted to go it alone, sometimes enlisting the help of a yoga student in exchange for free yoga lessons.

But before you go all Instagram on your yoga self-portraits, take a look at some awkward yoga photos that you’d be better off avoiding.

Remember, you want yoga pics that are flattering, not ones that will haunt you for the rest of the Internet.

Butt Shot

Downward-facing dog yoga pose, butt shot (Flickr by mermaid)

Your downward-facing dog may rock the house, but when you take a photo from the back, it’s more likely to remind future students of a dog they knew that liked to put its stinky butt in the air. I may just be anal, but a side view will probably give a better shot of your form.

Crotch Shot

Yoga nidrasana (Flickr by Sarah Siblik)

It’s great to be able to put your legs behind your head and rock on your back like a stranded turtle … no, seriously, that’s something all yoga teachers should aspire to … but showing off your crotch may not be putting your best … um, foot … forward.

Speedo Shot

Speedo yoga, Flickr by Maxim Kuschpel

Sure, you do hot yoga in tiny Speedos, but if you take pictures of yourself in your skin-tights, you might want to consider which “muscles” are really bulging. And be sure to wipe any porn-star smirk off your face before the camera flashes.

Drunken Yoga Pose Shot

Yoga hoes and bros, man, Flickr by Corey HogueYoga hoes and bros in the kitchen, Flickr by Corey Hogue

Yes, even yoga teachers like to party. Wait … especially yoga teachers like to party. But it’s better off not mixing your yoga and drinking, because alcohol will only ruin your form … and make students think yoga is all about having fun.

Grumpy Shot

Old man meditation in Malmö 1983, Wikipedia by John Leffmann

Most people think yoga is going to make them happier due to the rush of post-bending endorphins. So when you have your picture taken, try to look like you’re enjoying yourself. If you aren’t, then maybe try a shot that hides your face.

Resources for Great Yoga Photos

Now that you know what to avoid when you have your yoga photos taken, here are some resources that will help you get flattering pics that really highlight your yoga skills.

Check out these websites for tips on taking great yoga photos:

When you have perfected a few yoga poses, you might want to consider splurging on a professional. There are many photographers who specialize in taking yoga photos. Here are a few to get you started:



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  1. Ronnie Peace / June 20, 2015 at 7:13 pm / Reply

    I’ve only ever done one yoga class. And when I say (type) one, I’m rounding up as I only lasted half. Every frickin position seemed to relax and open up the sound pipe to my bum organ. Before you know it I’m in fits of laughter, getting it by my then girlfriend and being shhhh’d and head shook at by other class members.
    I don’t think I found my zen then, and I doubt I ever will

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