Barack Obama to Cabinet: I hope the new guy from Egypt is cool

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Obama leaning on hand deep in thoughtYesterday Barack’s clubhouse members came over to hang out at the White House.

Hilary wanted to work on their group project, but mostly they just played video games, and talked about girls and stuff.

“C’mon guys, you know our budget report is due by Friday. If we don’t get it in on time, Boner will have another hard-on!” said Hilary, talking about John Boehner, their math professor.

“You wish he had a hard-on for you, Hilary,” said Bobby as he shot down some enemy fighters in the Air Force simulation video game he got from some of his buddies at the Pentagon.

They played video games for about an hour and then ordered some pizza from a place in Georgetown, making Billy Daley go pick it up because he was the only one who still had money left on his Metro card.

When he got back, Billy said, “Did you guys know there’s all sorts of crazy things going on in Egypt? Like riots and stuff.”

“Really?” asked Bidey before talking about some stuff he did, like twenty years ago, until Billy cut him off.

“Yeah. Looks like Pharaoh’s gonna have to leave. Apparently, no one really likes him.”

“No, duh, Daleweed,” said Hillary. “That guy’s always been a major douche.”

“You should know about that!” cried Arne from the pizza box where he was stacking three slices on his plate.

“Shut up, Arne,” said Hillary. “I hear they’re gonna find a new guy to take over for Pharaoh.”

“I hope the new guy is cool,” said Barack. “Maybe he’ll invite us over to go swimming, or ride some camels or stuff.”

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