Branáin Word Cloud (January 1, 2011)

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Two months of posts converted into a word cloud. This is also my 2010 word cloud.

Branáin Word Cloud - January 1, 2011

Sex (and fucking) has fallen off since last month, although it still makes the cut for the cloud. Did I clean up my act intentionally? Hard to say. But dirty humor only goes so far, unless you are writing on a bathroom wall.

People and like have sprung into the lead, although I can guarantee I don’t use those words at the same time (unless as, “People are like donuts, they seem good to have around until they ruin your health.”).

And dear Dolores…if you haven’t seen the short fiction piece about her Literary Self-exploration, check it out and discover why sex was so high in the ranking last month.

Some words are actually phrases (e.g. United States). Maybe someday the website I used to create this will be able to keep the phrases intact.

Enough word weirdness. Time to go write. Have a wonderful start to your New Year. I have a special New Year’s Resolution post for tomorrow, but need to convert it from the scribblings of my notebook into the interweb format.

Word cloud created using Wordle.

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