Canadian Election 2015: Merry Election-mas Eve, Canada

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It’s Canadian Election Day 2015.

One of the most contentious elections in Canadian history (well, by Canadian standards), it’s starting to feel a little bit like Christmas Eve.

Sure, you could stay up waiting for the election results to come in, but why not just settle into your bed with visions of the sugar plums promised by Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, and Thomas Mulcair dancing through your head.

But keep an eye out for Stephen Harper. I have it on good authority that Mr. Harper has been moonlighting as a certain Grinch (he does hail from the snowy north, you know).

So be sure to hang your stocking on the fireplace mantle before you nod off to sleep. But don’t be too disappointed if a certain Green Conservative sneaks into your house while you are snoozing and steals all of your entitlements and freedoms.

And remember: no amount of small town Whoville-like singing will change the Canadian Grinch’s heart. He had to trade it for some political advice from south of the border.

Harperman Protest Song

And if you still haven’t seen the Harperman Protest song, it’s never too late to burn this catchy tune into your election season-addled brain.

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