Discovering the Secrets of the Workshop

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darwins notebook ( Wojnicz’ workshop was about the same size as Mady’s room above the library, but it was broken into three distinct areas by the stacks of opened and unopened crates.

Most of the laboratory section was occupied by the box and its electronic accoutrements, which he demonstrated for her, his large, rough hands bending and twisting wires and feeding the attached circuit boards into the gaping maw of the wooden beast.

He brought with him scientific paraphernalia from all the greats. In his workshop, Mady examined an early telescope of Copernicus, a notebook from Darwin, the sextant of Marco Polo, and a pendulum of Einstein.

On the bookcases along the walls, he had stacks of postcards and letters from fellow scientists and old friends.

He spoke about needing to take more measurements where the ley lines ran north from London to the islands off the coast of Scotland, about following his results into the jungles of Borneo or the fjords of South America.

“I’ve been on this island far too long,” he said and ran his fingers across his pocket watch where he’d placed it on top of the box.

A reimagining of not only a quote from Urula Hegi’s Floating in My Mother’s Palm, but also of a setting from one of my other pieces (snippet, really) of writing, a workshop filled with characters that keep returning to me, waiting for me to finish their story. Someday. Maybe I need my own workshop on an island somewhere, littered with curiosities and knick-knacks that expand my mind beyond the close walls.

Flash Fiction: Discovering the Secrets of the Workshop © 2013 by Shawn Radcliffe


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