Dream Wedding

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Bride and groom at wedding with sneakers onI’m at a wedding for two of my friends.

We are in a large house, with a cavernous room painted light yellow and white, and a balcony overlooking the main floor where the ceremony is being held. I think the house is owned by someone I know.

During the ceremony, I sit on a white plastic chair in the back with some friends, underneath the balcony. Some of them are familiar, but others are amalgamations of people I know in real life.

As I’m sitting there, a police officer walks up to me and says, “Please come with me, you’re under arrest.” She’s dressed like a stripper cop, with a tight-fitting, low-cut blouse and tight shorts that show her smoothly shaved legs.

I follow her up to the front of the room, while the ceremony continues. When I reach the front, the police officer disappears and I’m standing by myself to the left of the altar. The bride and groom look over at me, waiting to see what I’m going to do next.

I walk quietly back to my seat where one of my friends says, “What were you doing? You just got up and walked to the front by yourself and stood there.”

The police officer wasn’t real, but was a hallucination in my dream, a dream within a dream. When I wake, I wonder if the dream itself was a delusion inside another dream. Maybe I’m still dreaming.

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