July 4  •  Favorites, Funny Pictures, Humor

5 Awkward Yoga Photos You Should Avoid Taking

Yoga photos are part of every yoga teacher’s portfolio, but for the most flattering results, you should avoid these awkward yoga pics.

December 7  •  Favorites, Humor

5 Cult Movie-Inspired Products That Someone Should Make

Product designers need to look no further than top cult movies for inspiration. Here are five ideas from great movies like Soylent Green to kick them...

December 6  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Every Yoga Teacher Needs a Fall-Back Job

While a yoga teacher may be able to survive by only teaching yoga classes and workshops, many teachers need to supplement their income with other jobs

July 18  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Zombie Deadlines: Pickup Lines for After the Apocalypse

Even reincarnation as a zombie can't save you from horrible pickup lines. Your best bet: stop hanging out in cemeteries and warehouses, they are a...

June 21  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Zen and the Art of Road Construction

Find your Zen wherever you are: If you keep your eyes open, you can find people totally blissed out in everyday life, even in the middle of road...

June 4  •  Favorites, Humor

5 Ways to Make $#!^loads of Money with Yoga

You finished your 200-hr yoga teacher training, you dumped your lazy boyfriend. It's time to make a ton of money with yoga using these 5 surefire...

May 24  •  Favorites, Humor

Why I Am Deathly Afraid of Babies, and Nothing You Say Can Change That

When babies come near me, my heart races and my palms sweat, and I start to babble like ... a baby. Irrational or not, nothing you say can change...

February 21  •  Favorites, Fiction, Short Stories

Waiting for the Rain to Fall

More than just waiting for the rain, this short story "tells of a man whose father’s stories may offer more truth than he ever realized."

February 13  •  Favorites, Poetry

The First Glint of Morning Light

Poem: When the first glint of morning light strikes the office towers, I sit on the balcony steeling myself for the sunrise, awaiting the fiery...

February 6  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

Discovering the Secrets of the Workshop

A reimagining of one of my other pieces of writing, a workshop filled with characters that keep returning to me, waiting for me to finish their...