October 9  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

We All Move On Sometime

If you want to move on from your writing habits, try using writing exercises to create flash fiction, in this case an excerpt about moving...

October 4  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

In the Workshop

In the workshop, colorful wires snaked in every direction. Bent over the bench and talking to himself, Mr. Wojnicz pulled on his magnifying...

September 14  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction

With a Friend Into the Wilderness

The woman and her friend stumbled along a jagged trail to meet another river, this one strong at the start and weakening as it passed ...

September 11  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction

Out of Time and Into Time

She will sail away from the island and sail into the churning of the world, out of time and into time and the dreadful plainness of Life.

September 7  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction

Riding the Train Down Into Darkness

Riding into darkness, the train begins to pick up speed on the outskirts of the city, past the aging warehouses with their darkened windows...

March 2  •  Fiction

On the Incredible Tightness of Being Vintage

A short story about stylish, yet complex, relationships in the world of classic, vintage styles. "Frangelica Frangione demurred..."

December 18  •  Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

Where have all the hipsters gone?

This neighborhood used to be filled with hipsters but now that the economy has tanked, that's all gone downhill. (short story)

December 6  •  Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

The Burden Of Perfection

I was born the perfect child of northern Appalachian circus performers. My parents, fearing that my perfection would one day bring them shame, and...

November 22  •  Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

Literary Self Exploration

A tale of self exploration in small town America, one that grew out of a literary curiosity and morphed into something altogether different. (short...

November 19  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction, Humor

Virtual Psychiatric Counseling Session

In a virtual world, inter-Twitter conflict can only be handled through virtual psychiatric counseling sessions.