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August 9  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

American Obesity — A George Lucas Film (2013)

One of the most influential of all teen films, American Obesity is a look at a group of obese high school grads' last days of health.

July 27  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Yoda Has Never Been Good at Giving Compliments

Yoda has never been good at giving compliments. Even his wife gets angry when he tries to compliment her.

July 6  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Eternal Voting of the Spotless Mind

Clear your mind for voting unlike any you've seen before. Two politicians undergo a procedure to erase their memories of each other.

July 2  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Occupy John Malkovich: A Film Directed By No One

Occupy John Malkovich: Ever wanted to be 1%? (A film directed by no one)

July 2  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Dharma Mitten the Kitten: I Can Has Grapes?

Dharma Mitten the kitten: I can has grapes? No, Dharma Mitten. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in pets.

July 2  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

My Facebook Feed Looks Like a Greeting Card Store

My Facebook feed looks like a greeting card store. Why is everything my friends say attached to a funny or cute photo?

June 7  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Jesus Saves: Even Jesus Understands the Importance of Saving

Jesus Saves: Even Jesus understands the importance of saving, especially saving money in his piggy bank.

June 5  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Obesity in America: Our Body Sizes Are Changing

As obesity in America continues to grow, our concept of size is changing. Like the coffee shop, medium is now small, etc.