November 26  •  Humor

God’s Secret Messages Found In Black Friday Sales Flyers

Today, in honor of Black Friday, we’ll be looking for God’s secret messages in the holiday season sales flyers.

November 24  •  Humor

Be Thankful (You Only Have To Do It Today)

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we suppress our natural inclinations and show gratitude for the people and things in our lives that usually go...

November 22  •  Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

Literary Self Exploration

A tale of self exploration in small town America, one that grew out of a literary curiosity and morphed into something altogether different. (short...

November 19  •  Humor

Cult of Personality: Ten (No, Eleven) Signs You May Belong to a Cult

Your new friends may be cool, but when they ask for your bank account number, look out for these warning signs that you just joined a cult.

November 19  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction, Humor

Virtual Psychiatric Counseling Session

In a virtual world, inter-Twitter conflict can only be handled through virtual psychiatric counseling sessions.

November 18  •  Humor

Marriage For All: Do you want my muffin bottom?

Marriage is on its way to becoming obsolete, which means that soon same-sex couples will be allowed to marry…when no one really cares about the issue...

November 17  •  Humor

Hungry? Widows will feed you.

Welcome to the Shimkus Analysis, where we provide thoughtful analysis of sacred texts without the burden of context. This week, an excerpt from The...

November 17  •  Humor

Enlightenment is for wusses!

The Dalai Lama, a science nerd in monk’s clothing, thinks science will one day create a machine to make people enlightened. That’s no small...

November 15  •  Humor

Death Awaits: Beware of the Grim Stomper

Back in the day, death was predictable. If you were lucky, you’d grow old and die in your sleep, surrounded by loved ones and drug-induced fairies...

November 14  •  Humor

Grant me the serenity to be annoyed at the things I cannot change

Indignation. On this rainy Portland day, I coldly welcome indignation into my heart, embracing the Law of Attraction, the Theorem of Fat Lazy Asses,...