Ikea Inadvertently Introduces Swedish-Style Horsemeat Meatballs in Europe

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Swedish meatballs in a bowlIt’s hard to keep up with all the latest inventions of the fast food industry.

From Burger King’s bacon shakes to Pizza Hut’s cheeseburger-ringed pizza (with a FREE heart attack in every pie).

Now Ikea has added a stallionesque twist to its fast and tasty cafe offerings—available alongside the diabetes-inducing cinnamon buns and decadent sugar-comatosing chocolate layer cake.

Due to its suppliers’ inventiveness, Ikea Europe is proud to inadvertently introduce the Swedish-Style Horsemeat Meatballs. Tasty and nutritious, these bite-size morsels come in fun horse shapes.

Great for a quick snack while shopping for a POÄNG chair or EKTORP sofa. Or buy a case and serve them at your next Kentucky Derby party … the Ikea horsemeat meatballs are delicious washed down with a mint julep.

Right now, Ikea’s Swedish-Style Horsemeat Meatballs are available only for a limited time in the Czech Republic. So you better gallop on over for a Neighje-delicious treat. Add on a frosty glasstrut for only two dollars.

ikea introduces horsemeat meatballs (branain 02-25-13)


Cartoon: Ikea Introduces Swedish-Style Horsemeat Meatballs in Europe © 2013 by Shawn Radcliffe / Branáin

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