My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms

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Finding My Destiny -- forest path covered in snow (Hepworth, Ontario, Canada)My destiny (or fate or kismet … whatever word I use to describe it) comes on its own terms, often finding me when I am most unprepared.

My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms

I grabbed a plastic bag. It filled with air as I shook it open.

I knelt beside the box and picked up the blue scoop. Its teeth were clogged.

I dug into the loose litter, freeing clumps from the bottom of the box. I turned my face away and let the strong scent wash past my nose.

I tasted clay on my lips, and wiped it away with my sleeve, feeling my mind harden.

I looked out the window at the forest. There were a lot more paths snaking through the trees than I had noticed before.

My eyes watered from the cloud of dust that filled this tiny room.

I realized at that moment that this was not my destiny—not this small town, this predictable routine, not this comfortable, idyllic suburban life.

I would do whatever it took to break free and find my own way.

Flash Fiction: My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms © 2014 by Shawn Radcliffe

Modeled on Douglas Unger’s Leaving the Land

Photo: Forest Path in Winter (Hepworth, Ontario, Canada), (c) 2011 Shawn Radcliffe

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