On a Country Road in a Blizzard

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Car stranded on a country road in a blizzard (sxc.hu 540346)This flash fiction piece explores the desperation of being stranded (in this case, along a country road in a blizzard), and what we are capable of doing when faced with death.

On a Country Road in a Blizzard

Seeing Rachel shivering in the front seat of the car gave him a crazy idea … but it just might work. He remembered an old television show about a taxi driver, stuck on the highway in a blizzard, who had sex with his passenger to stay warm, and in the end they both lived.

He would suggest to Rachel that they sit close together, and then he would force himself on her to find much needed warmth from her young body.

He pulled down his scarf and spoke to her, asking her to move to the back seat with him; but she sensed something unfamiliar in his voice that made her press her back against the passenger door, frightened by the way her father’s friend spoke to her this time.

Rejected, an image flashed in his mind of their bodies being found the next day in the car, frozen and seated far apart.

His fear solidified as he realized it was no longer about saving their lives along this desolate country road, or of his own children being left fatherless, but that it was a matter of protecting his best friend’s daughter when she needed it the most … whatever the cost.

Flash Fiction: On a Country Road in a Blizzard © 2013 by Shawn Radcliffe

Modeled after Jack London’s To Build a Fire

Photo: Car stranded on a country road in a blizzard, Mateusz Atroszko

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