September 16  •  Photography

Darkness Surrounds, But Up Ahead a Light

Darkness in the tree farm extends in every direction. But in the distance, a break in the forest leads out of darkness and into the light.

September 16  •  Photography

Red Pine Sky

A red pine against a blue sky, with white clouds drifting lazily by.

September 16  •  Photography

Misplaced Dreams

A dead tree from a tree farm, still bundled in its canvas root sack represents misplaced dreams discarded in a field.

September 16  •  Photography

The Path Not Taken

The Path Not Taken. A play of light and dark along a subtle forest path.

September 4  •  Photography

Primitive Cave Art

Primitive Cave Art. "Kronic" graffiti scrawled on the Bruce Caves in Wiarton, Ontario.

February 20  •  Photography

Wrapped in Silence

Wrapped in Silence (Taken in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon)

December 27  •  Humor, Photography

Post-Christmas Doldrums Return

Celebrate the return of the post-Christmas doldrums (after you realize that the crappy gifts from your in-laws are not returnable).

December 12  •  Photography

The Chains That Bind

Through the chain link fence, even the watery remains of a vacant lot take on an almost magical quality. Photo: Chains That Bind © 2014 by Shawn...

November 16  •  Photography

Urban Appalachia

Taken in Portland, Oregon, November 16, 2010 Photo (c) 2010 Shawn Radcliffe

April 14  •  Photography

Caged But Not Broken

Fence surrounding a tree growing out of a rock off the interstate highway in Wyoming. Taken in Wyoming; April 14, 2007. Photo (c) 2007 © 2007 by...