February 13  •  Favorites, Poetry

The First Glint of Morning Light

Poem: When the first glint of morning light strikes the office towers, I sit on the balcony steeling myself for the sunrise, awaiting the fiery...

December 18  •  Favorites, Poetry

Driving Down the Coastal Highway

It had been like departing, that driving down the coastal highway.It had been like the end of a relationship, surreal, that driving down ...

December 3  •  Favorites, Poetry

Far Down the River of Darkness

Poem: In darkness, far down the river of darkness, when darkness doesn’t shimmer like a mirror pierced by life, when there is no head, or body, or...

November 20  •  Favorites, Poetry

Beyond the Smoke of Monte Carlo Night

Memories (and poems) are like smoke—try to grab them and they slip away. But like smoke, they linger for years, long after you've forgotten how...

November 9  •  Poetry

The Gig

The Gig: A poem about jazz and also the auditory experience of poetry, whether you are reading out loud in the comfort of your own home or at a...

November 3  •  Poetry

Finding My Kismet Under the Waves

The cyclical nature of the ocean—tides and waves and weather patterns—finds it way into this poem about kismet, a word often translated as fate...

October 29  •  Poetry

Delusions of Muppets

This poem about Muppets was resurrected from my past. I dusted it off and gave it some revisions, but tried to maintain the oddness of the original...

June 3  •  Poetry

The Old Garden Shed

A poem about an old garden shed in the back yard, written in tribute to William Carlos Williams.

May 28  •  Poetry

My Family Is Not As Fucked Up As Some

Poem about relationships beyond the family: You and I, isolated and distant creatures, evolving convergently, developing sameness...

May 9  •  Poetry

On the Nature of Things

In a coffee shop somewhere, the nature of things between men and women become clearer, even as the sun slowly sets. (poem)