April 20  •  Poetry

Across America

Poem: The pulse of America is not found in the movement of goods across the country, but in the people who inhabit the spaces between.

April 9  •  Poetry

My Father the Megalith

This poem about a father pondering a large stone (over many years) arose from a writing exercise, but eventually took on a life of its own.

February 22  •  Poetry

Dreams Within Dreams

Poem: Dreams within dreams within dreams. When I wake, are my daytime delusions...

December 16  •  Poetry

Uninvited Guests

While you sleep, uninvited guests arrive outside your apartment. They've been here before and they'll come again, so beware.

December 14  •  Humor, Poetry

The Real Danger of Listening to Music

In Protestant New England, the real danger of listening to music is not sex, drugs, or rock and roll (poem).

December 7  •  Poetry

When the apocalypse arrives

This is what will happen when the apocalypse arrives (poem).

December 2  •  Poetry

You’re In Winter

A poem about a bus ride on a rainy day in winter.

November 20  •  Poetry, Writing

On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation

Language stagnation begins by accepting the fact that language rules are set in stone, and by ignoring the fact that language is creative.

November 16  •  Poetry

Urban Appalachia Portland

Appalachia finds me even here, in the middle of urban Portland (poem).

November 16  •  Poetry

Tattoo Vampires

A poem celebrating the tattooed youth who suck the marrow from life and despise the old with their brooding souls.