Protect Yourself During Nuclear Accidents with the Romco Smokeless Radiation Rock™

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Glowing crystalsWhen nuclear disasters happen, don’t wait for the government to warn you about dangerous radiation levels.

Protect yourself with the Romco Smokeless Radiation Rock™, nature’s own early radiation detection system.

Each day your body is exposed to radiation while carrying out seemingly routine activities, such as sleeping next to someone, eating bananas, and flying in an airplane.

Like urine, in small quantities radiation is beneficial, and gently stimulates your body’s homeopathic immune system (HIS). But in larger doses, radiation can turn deadly, leaching the kelp nutrients from your bones and rearranging your DNA like a Picasso painting.

It’s the government’s job to warn you of potential threats from radiation clouds and the misuse of G.E. Healthcare CT scanners.

But why wait for the government to get its act together?

With the Romco Smokeless Radiation Rock™ you will be immediately alerted to hazardous levels of radiation in the vicinity.

As the radiation increases, the magnetic matrix of the rock will become agitated, resulting in changes in color and temperature of the rock’s surface. At extreme levels, the rock will move like a jumping bean.

Before you reach for the kelp supplements or iodine water purification drops, pick up a Romco Smokeless Radiation Rock™ today.

Available in granite, basalt and schist. (FYI: We’re full of schist!)

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