On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation

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open book lying in the grass with a blue sky overheadLanguage stagnation begins by accepting the fact that language rules are set in stone, and by ignoring the fact that language is creative.

On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation

Recently, argunews has internetted profusidly,
seeking to refudiate the dogmation that language
is fluidacious and, in fact, nonstaticatory.

These quafflers have paradoxed various ideaphores
without disirregard for the geniusness
of the primatacious mind relaticious
to the spontinuity of memeation.

Visibled extenduations of the human capility
for langregious creatitudes
should be wholifically embraced.

Only when we are freeleased
from the constrictifines
of the patriarchitudes of language,

will we be able to expressate
ourselves from our current


Poem: On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation © 2010 by Shawn Radcliffe / Branáin

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