O, Home on Da Rangeski — Rise of the Russian Spy Cowboy

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Campfire: Rise of the Russian Cowboy (cartoon by Branáin)

HOUSTON — Naturalized U.S. citizen Alexander Fishenko appeared in court on Thursday to face charges as a Russian spy.

He is accused of illegally obtaining military-grade microelectronics for Russia. The case threatens to tarnish the reputations of Texas cowboys, soiling their wholesome image with Cold War-era spy tactics.

I only wish I was there to see alleged Russian spy Fishenko chatting up his fellow cowboys for details about the cutting-edge microelectronics in the state of Texas.

In response, Smurfs creator Peyo is considering a line of Russkies–cute, little, vodka-swilling spy creatures. Early prototypes for Russkies include:

  • Crotchety New England Farmersky
  • Boardwalk-loving Jersey Shore Dudesky
  • Overtanned Florida Chicksky
  • Patchouli-wearing, bicycle-riding Oregon Hippiesky (not to be confused with vintage-wearing, cocktail-swilling Hipstersky)

Cartoon: O, Home on Da Rangeski — Rise of the Russian Spy Cowboy © 2012 by Shawn Radcliffe / Branáin

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