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July 4  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Life of a Buddhist

What is the life of a Buddhist like compared to the average person? This cartoon explains it all ... well, some of it.

July 18  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Zombie Deadlines: Pickup Lines for After the Apocalypse

Even reincarnation as a zombie can't save you from horrible pickup lines. Your best bet: stop hanging out in cemeteries and warehouses, they are a...

October 18  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

Thankful to Be Making Music

"Backing down, thankful to be making music, Orange picked up her drum sticks ..." Flash fiction excerpt that deals with relationships, death, and...

October 9  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

We All Move On Sometime

If you want to move on from your writing habits, try using writing exercises to create flash fiction, in this case an excerpt about moving...

September 16  •  Photography

Misplaced Dreams

A dead tree from a tree farm, still bundled in its canvas root sack represents misplaced dreams discarded in a field.

November 15  •  Humor

Death Awaits: Beware of the Grim Stomper

Back in the day, death was predictable. If you were lucky, you’d grow old and die in your sleep, surrounded by loved ones and drug-induced fairies...