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October 19  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Canadian Election 2015: Merry Election-mas Eve, Canada

Canadian Election Day feels a little bit like Christmas Eve. So hang up your stocking, but don't be surprised at which party you find in it in the...

November 4  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms

My destiny (or fate or kismet ... whatever word I use to describe it) comes on its own terms, often finding me when I am most unprepared.

February 12  •  Humor

Ghosts of Revolutions Past: What Egyptians Can Learn

To hold onto their newly-won freedom Egyptians should look to other famous uprisings, including the American and Dance Dance Revolutions.

January 31  •  Humor

Smart Electric Meters Threaten Your Civil Liberties!

First there were credit cards and supermarket cards. Now Smart Electric Meters threaten your liberties. Act now to protect your freedom!

December 12  •  Photography

The Chains That Bind

Through the chain link fence, even the watery remains of a vacant lot take on an almost magical quality. Photo: Chains That Bind © 2014 by Shawn...

November 29  •  Humor

Wikileaks Exposes More Naughty Bits

Julian Assange, founder of, the bad boy of whistleblowers, the Paris Hilton of international intrigue, the golden tongued tattletale...

November 22  •  Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

Literary Self Exploration

A tale of self exploration in small town America, one that grew out of a literary curiosity and morphed into something altogether different. (short...

November 20  •  Poetry, Writing

On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation

Language stagnation begins by accepting the fact that language rules are set in stone, and by ignoring the fact that language is creative.