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April 16  •  Favorites, Fiction, Short Stories

A Mid-Winter Night’s Traditions

Short story: Traditions mean a lot to this close group of college friends. But for outsiders joining their annual ski trip, these traditions can be...

November 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

On a Country Road in a Blizzard

This flash fiction piece explores the desperation of being stranded (in this case, along a country road in a blizzard), and what we are capable of...

February 8  •  Humor

Dick Cheney Redefines Friendship As Thousands Unfriend Mubarak

Dick Cheney called Egypt's Mubarak a "good friend." Like FaceBook, Cheney is redefining what a friend actually is. Here's what he means.

January 13  •  Humor

Merkel and Sarkozy: The Odd Couple – Europe

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel star in Neil Simon's, The Odd Couple. Can they share an estate house without driving each other crazy?