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November 14  •  Favorites, Humor

What Is the Universe Trying to Tell Me?

As Bill Nye says, the Universe sends out "cosmic guidance." Need proof? Here's a Twitter feed of people asking "what is the universe trying to tell...

October 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

When Night Falls, It Comes Without Warning

As night falls, a white shadow slithers off the main highway and toward the end of the cul-de-sac. Gather the children, because it’s come for them...

December 29  •  Humor

Fortune tellers, ghosts and iPhones?

“Don’t be fooled by the skyscrapers, the roads clogged with the latest luxury cars or the high-tech gadgetry in pockets and purses.” Many...

November 26  •  Humor

God’s Secret Messages Found In Black Friday Sales Flyers

Today, in honor of Black Friday, we’ll be looking for God’s secret messages in the holiday season sales flyers.