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October 19  •  Cartoons, Humor

The Everyday Life of the Emperor of China

Emperor of China was a much-coveted title, but the emperor's true nature was revealed not on the battlefield, but while performing everyday tasks.

July 4  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Life of a Buddhist

What is the life of a Buddhist like compared to the average person? This cartoon explains it all ... well, some of it.

November 20  •  Favorites, Poetry

Beyond the Smoke of Monte Carlo Night

Memories (and poems) are like smoke—try to grab them and they slip away. But like smoke, they linger for years, long after you've forgotten how...

November 4  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms

My destiny (or fate or kismet ... whatever word I use to describe it) comes on its own terms, often finding me when I am most unprepared.

September 11  •  Fiction, Flash Fiction

Out of Time and Into Time

She will sail away from the island and sail into the churning of the world, out of time and into time and the dreadful plainness of Life.

May 9  •  Poetry

On the Nature of Things

In a coffee shop somewhere, the nature of things between men and women become clearer, even as the sun slowly sets. (poem)

February 18  •  Humor

Egyptian Mummies in America Ponder a Return

After watching events in Egypt unfold on television, mummies who long ago made a new life in America are asking: Is it time to go home?

January 18  •  Humor

Make the Government Walk a Mile in Your Crappy Shoes

The US government is whining about Wikileaks, but Americans don't care. It's time the government suffered along with the American people.

November 16  •  Poetry

Tattoo Vampires

A poem celebrating the tattooed youth who suck the marrow from life and despise the old with their brooding souls.

November 15  •  Humor

Death Awaits: Beware of the Grim Stomper

Back in the day, death was predictable. If you were lucky, you’d grow old and die in your sleep, surrounded by loved ones and drug-induced fairies...