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May 7  •  Favorites, Humor, Writing

Starbucks and Vaginas, and Other Word Weirdness

Starbucks and vaginas. Two words you never thought you'd see together. But there they are. So order a tall cappuccino and learn how these words are...

June 4  •  Favorites, Humor

5 Ways to Make $#!^loads of Money with Yoga

You finished your 200-hr yoga teacher training, you dumped your lazy boyfriend. It's time to make a ton of money with yoga using these 5 surefire...

January 16  •  Funny Pictures, Humor

Coca-Cola – Serving Obesity in America Since 1886

The new Coca-Cola "Coming Together" ad reminds us that together we can fight obesity in America. Also available are smaller sizes, a tiny step in the...

July 24  •  Humor

Creating a Modern Cult for Generation Y — The Self-Improvement Seminar

In order to survive in the modern age, cult leaders needs to attract the attention of Generation Y by looking to Angry Birds and Facebook.

January 3  •  Humor

Why Drug Companies Are Like Horny College Boys

Drug companies are like horny college boys: just when you've blocked one hand, another one sneaks through. These hands, though, have drugs.