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September 25  •  Photography

Broken Limits

Once bounded by wood and wire, as the years pass we struggle with our broken limits. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September, 25, 2011. Photo...

September 25  •  Photography

Blue Sky Mine

I want to open and lift my tired eyes To see the sprawling heavens above. I want to embrace the drifting clouds And make the blue sky mine. Photo...

September 25  •  Photography

Stairway to Heaven

The angels were here before me, riding on their dirt bikes, and carrying the chosen few to Heaven. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario, September 25,...

September 25  •  Photography

Field Work

I moved in close for a shot of wildflowers in the field behind my house. A bee, oblivious to my apparent artistic sensibilities, cut in front to...

September 18  •  Photography

Any Port in a Storm

When you hear the call of nature in the wilds of Canada, be grateful for any port in a storm. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September 18,...

September 17  •  Photography

Shave and a Trim

It wouldn't be a small town without a place to get a shave and a trim. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September 17, 2011.

September 17  •  Photography

The Things That Carried

Then came the day that we tired of the things that carried us on our journey. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September 17, 2011.

September 16  •  Photography

Darkness Surrounds, But Up Ahead a Light

Darkness in the tree farm extends in every direction. But in the distance, a break in the forest leads out of darkness and into the light.

September 16  •  Photography

Red Pine Sky

A red pine against a blue sky, with white clouds drifting lazily by.

September 16  •  Photography

Misplaced Dreams

A dead tree from a tree farm, still bundled in its canvas root sack represents misplaced dreams discarded in a field.