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September 25  • 

Broken Limits

Once bounded by wood and wire, as the years pass we struggle with our broken limits. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September, 25, 2011. Photo...

September 25  • 

Blue Sky Mine

I want to open and lift my tired eyes To see the sprawling heavens above. I want to embrace the drifting clouds And make the blue sky mine.   Photo...

September 25  • 

Stairway to Heaven

The angels were here before me, riding on their dirt bikes, and carrying the chosen few to Heaven. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario, September 25,...

September 25  • 

Field Work

I moved in close for a shot of wildflowers in the field behind my house. A bee, oblivious to my apparent artistic sensibilities, cut in front to...

September 18  • 

Any Port in a Storm

When you hear the call of nature in the wilds of Canada, be grateful for any port in a storm. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September 18,...

September 17  • 

Shave and a Trim

It wouldn't be a small town without a place to get a shave and a trim. Photo taken in Hepworth, Ontario; September 17, 2011.