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April 24  •  Favorites, Fiction, Short Stories

Lost in the Company of Santas

Short story: They step off the train into the Portland rain. Santas, Mrs. Santas and Easter Bunnies. Tens, twenties and more ... their numbers...

February 13  •  Favorites, Poetry

The First Glint of Morning Light

Poem: When the first glint of morning light strikes the office towers, I sit on the balcony steeling myself for the sunrise, awaiting the fiery...

March 27  •  Humor

Portland Streetcar Invitational: Streetcar/ Scooter/ Tricycle 13K Race

Test the power of your machine against the reigning beast of public transportation, the Portland Streetcar.

February 20  •  Photography

Wrapped in Silence

Wrapped in Silence (Taken in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon)

January 15  •  Humor

Watch Where You Point That Banana!

Children have safety blankets. Men have bananas. This photo of a man's banana was taken with my cell phone hovering a man's shoulder.

November 16  •  Photography

Urban Appalachia

Taken in Portland, Oregon, November 16, 2010 Photo (c) 2010 Shawn Radcliffe