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May 7  •  Favorites, Humor, Writing

Starbucks and Vaginas, and Other Word Weirdness

Starbucks and vaginas. Two words you never thought you'd see together. But there they are. So order a tall cappuccino and learn how these words are...

January 23  •  Cartoons, Humor

All Things Are Not Created Equal

No matter what the founding fathers of the U.S. said, all things are not created equal. This cartoon gives a sample of life's little (or big)...

July 18  •  Cartoons, Favorites, Humor

Zombie Deadlines: Pickup Lines for After the Apocalypse

Even reincarnation as a zombie can't save you from horrible pickup lines. Your best bet: stop hanging out in cemeteries and warehouses, they are a...

November 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

On a Country Road in a Blizzard

This flash fiction piece explores the desperation of being stranded (in this case, along a country road in a blizzard), and what we are capable of...

October 18  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

Thankful to Be Making Music

"Backing down, thankful to be making music, Orange picked up her drum sticks ..." Flash fiction excerpt that deals with relationships, death, and...

April 20  •  Poetry

Across America

Poem: The pulse of America is not found in the movement of goods across the country, but in the people who inhabit the spaces between.

February 4  •  Humor

Latex is for Old Dudes: Get Hip with the Endura Laptop Condom

Tired of putting on a condom just to have sex? Endura Laptop Condom is safe and effective way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

January 10  •  Humor

Stop Crying, Women! You’re Turning Me Off!

Tears from women crying have been proven to decrease a man’s sexual arousal. Here are some more research ideas to help men get aroused.

January 9  •  Cartoons, Humor

Have you ever had sex in a place that didn’t work?

A man and woman are having sex in a hot air balloon. The woman says to the man, "Have you ever had sex in a place that..."

January 1  •  Writing

Branáin Word Cloud (January 1, 2011)

Two months of posts seen as a word cloud. I've either cleaned up my act, or lost interest in sex. Dirty humor only gets you so far.