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February 15  •  Favorites, Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

The Look of Strangers

Short fiction: "I’ve lived here for over three years, but I still get that “look” from strangers every time I step into a diner or coffee shop...

October 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Humor, Short Stories

When Night Falls, It Comes Without Warning

As night falls, a white shadow slithers off the main highway and toward the end of the cul-de-sac. Gather the children, because it’s come for them...

February 21  •  Favorites, Fiction, Short Stories

Waiting for the Rain to Fall

More than just waiting for the rain, this short story "tells of a man whose father’s stories may offer more truth than he ever realized."

February 6  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

Discovering the Secrets of the Workshop

A reimagining of one of my other pieces of writing, a workshop filled with characters that keep returning to me, waiting for me to finish their...

November 8  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

On a Country Road in a Blizzard

This flash fiction piece explores the desperation of being stranded (in this case, along a country road in a blizzard), and what we are capable of...

November 4  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

My Destiny Finds Me On Its Own Terms

My destiny (or fate or kismet ... whatever word I use to describe it) comes on its own terms, often finding me when I am most unprepared.

October 29  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

And We All Danced in the Laboratory Sometimes

Here's what I know: at some point I worked in a laboratory, with a unicycle, and alongside people worthy of a story. Here is a piece of that pie...

October 18  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

Thankful to Be Making Music

"Backing down, thankful to be making music, Orange picked up her drum sticks ..." Flash fiction excerpt that deals with relationships, death, and...

October 9  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

We All Move On Sometime

If you want to move on from your writing habits, try using writing exercises to create flash fiction, in this case an excerpt about moving...

October 4  •  Favorites, Fiction, Flash Fiction

In the Workshop

In the workshop, colorful wires snaked in every direction. Bent over the bench and talking to himself, Mr. Wojnicz pulled on his magnifying...