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July 26  •  Humor

Debt Ceiling, Chianti and the American Way

Why raise the U.S. debt ceiling? No good will come of keeping the country from defaulting on its loans.

March 8  •  Humor

Dream Team Assembled to Root Out Radical Muslims in U.S. Government

Terrorism detector Brigitte Gabriel has enlisted the help of heavy hitters to hunt down radical Muslims who have infiltrated the CIA, etc.

February 18  •  Humor

Egyptian Mummies in America Ponder a Return

After watching events in Egypt unfold on television, mummies who long ago made a new life in America are asking: Is it time to go home?

January 30  •  Humor

10 Secret Government Lists You Might Be On

The ACLU sued the U.S. government over its "No-Fly" list. Here are 10 other secret government lists kept by the U.S.

January 18  •  Humor

Make the Government Walk a Mile in Your Crappy Shoes

The US government is whining about Wikileaks, but Americans don't care. It's time the government suffered along with the American people.

December 24  •  Humor

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas (a note from the Grinch cave)

This year, embrace the true meaning of Christmas, e.g. reciprocity and getting there first. Learn why the US is a Christmas nation.

November 29  •  Humor

Wikileaks Exposes More Naughty Bits

Julian Assange, founder of, the bad boy of whistleblowers, the Paris Hilton of international intrigue, the golden tongued tattletale...