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January 23  •  Cartoons, Humor

Getting Back Into the Game

There comes a time in every woman's (or man's) life when it's time to get back into the game. Maybe you will have an understanding ear to share that...

May 9  •  Poetry

On the Nature of Things

In a coffee shop somewhere, the nature of things between men and women become clearer, even as the sun slowly sets. (poem)

February 23  •  Humor

10 Signs That You’re About To Break Up With Your Partner

57% of people in a relationship don’t realize that they’re about to break up with their partner until it’s too late. Learn the signs.

February 14  •  Humor

Science Unravels Mystery of Valentine’s Day Choke Reflex

As long as men have struggled to impress women on Valentine’s Day, some have always fallen short. Now science unravels this mystery.

February 4  •  Humor

Latex is for Old Dudes: Get Hip with the Endura Laptop Condom

Tired of putting on a condom just to have sex? Endura Laptop Condom is safe and effective way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

January 12  •  Humor

Women’s Bags: You Can’t Own Just One

First you owned a single purse, but now your life has been reduced to a vast collection of designer women's bags and dislocated shoulders.

January 10  •  Humor

Stop Crying, Women! You’re Turning Me Off!

Tears from women crying have been proven to decrease a man’s sexual arousal. Here are some more research ideas to help men get aroused.

December 15  •  Humor

If You’re Sexy and You Know It, Grow a Beard

Just about any man can grow a beard, but it takes a real man to grow one that makes women swoon. Yes, swoon–the sensation that a woman feels deep...