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May 7  •  Favorites, Humor, Writing

Starbucks and Vaginas, and Other Word Weirdness

Starbucks and vaginas. Two words you never thought you'd see together. But there they are. So order a tall cappuccino and learn how these words are...

November 9  •  Poetry

The Gig

The Gig: A poem about jazz and also the auditory experience of poetry, whether you are reading out loud in the comfort of your own home or at a...

February 3  •  Humor

2011 GOP Dictionary – Tiny Boehner Edition

The latest redefined words for the 2011 GOP Dictionary. Refreshed and updated words include rape, murder and male genitalia.

January 1  •  Writing

Branáin Word Cloud (January 1, 2011)

Two months of posts seen as a word cloud. I've either cleaned up my act, or lost interest in sex. Dirty humor only gets you so far.

December 21  •  Writing

The Evolution of the English Language

A survey of the English language from Beowulf to Palin, Shakespeare to Bush. Watch as the language evolves to fit the current culture.