The U.S. Government Shutdown Affects Us All (Even John Boehner)

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John Boehner with gavel | closed for government shutdownIf you visited any U.S. government websites since the shutdown began, you were likely greeted by a warning that the content is no longer being updated. That’s bad news if you’re searching for information about herpes or the latest NASA missions (or herpes during the latest NASA missions … um, er … out of concern for the Mars Rover, of course).

This dearth of accuracy, however, is far more widespread than a few government websites. No doubt our beloved politicians are having difficulty keeping their thoughts free of dust bunnies during this funding crisis, now that the Congressional interns have all been sent home to their parents without health insurance (oh wait, they didn’t have that before).

Until this whole thing blows over, you might need to visit the library for  information that has been verified (or take your chances with Wikipedia).

And if you’re really concerned about the shutdown of our brilliant political minds, then maybe it’s time to follow the example of Chris Cox who filled in when the government came up short. As the first member of the Memorial Militia Group, this man from South Carolina  took it upon himself to mow the lawn of the Lincoln Monument.

You’re welcome to try that, too, although I don’t suggest using a lawn mower on politicians … they often get stuck in the blades.

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