Why Branáin

Branáin (pronounced BRAN-an), Gaelic for “little raven” (also the original source for the surname Brennan), highlights the creative and playful aspects of writing. While most people are familiar with ravens from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven, and those kept in the Tower of London, in Native American mythology this highly intelligent bird has a less ominous meaning as a powerful mythical creature.

The raven’s adventures are portrayed in Native American stories such as Raven and the First Men, Raven Creates the World, and Raven Steals the Sun. In these, Raven is both a creator and trickster, with many of the legends also showing Raven as a provider to humans. Raven is associated with endless curiosity, creativity, and playful mischievousness.

These traits carry over well into writing, where playfulness and creativity encourage you to step off the predictable–and comfortable–path in search of unique and beautiful ways to express your ideas.

Photo by 2sirius