Branáin Word Cloud (December 2, 2010)

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Hands with colorful words painted on themObviously, I’m fascinated by words. Actually, it’s an addiction. Ever since I was a child, I’ve read everything I could bring within range of my eyeballs.

Books, magazines, shampoo bottles, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, soda caps, tattoos, street signs, clothing tags, subtitles on movies, inscriptions on jewelry, IUD’s, printed underwear, t-shirts, feces specimen containers…

Friends immobilize me by holding a newspaper in front of my face. Sadly (or happily), I find it more distracting than a naked woman standing in front of me (unless she has words tattooed or drawn on her body…that’s HOT!).

I admit that I have an obsession, but what fun is an obsession if you can’t celebrate it, the same way stalkers collect fingernail clippings or favorite pets from their targets, or baseball players smoke crack after a big game, or the Tea Party candidates get down and boogie by taking everyone’s fun away.

So, in honor of my obsession, I have created a word cloud from all of the posts from this blog. More than anything, it’s an interesting window into Branáin – Ravenously Curious. Think of it as a porthole from your own yellow submarine.

Click below for the full-size image.

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