May 7  •  Favorites, Humor, Writing

Starbucks and Vaginas, and Other Word Weirdness

Starbucks and vaginas. Two words you never thought you'd see together. But there they are. So order a tall cappuccino and learn how these words are...

July 27  •  Writing

Are Tweens Driving Another LOL Stake into the Coffin of the English Language?

Tweens are killing the English language with poor grammar skills learned while texting, according to a new study. Is this the end? Hardly.

January 19  •  Writing

The Real Reason Fictional Characters Are Compelling

Throw away the clichés about authentic or complex characters. Readers don’t want to run into protagonists at the supermarket. Movie viewers never...

January 1  •  Writing

Branáin Word Cloud (January 1, 2011)

Two months of posts seen as a word cloud. I've either cleaned up my act, or lost interest in sex. Dirty humor only gets you so far.

December 21  •  Writing

The Evolution of the English Language

A survey of the English language from Beowulf to Palin, Shakespeare to Bush. Watch as the language evolves to fit the current culture.

December 3  •  Writing

Painting a Vivid Dreamscape

My dreams are becoming more vivid lately. We’re talking iMax quality movies with Dolby surround sound, and Sony Smell-O-Rama in my pimped out...

December 3  •  Writing

Dream Wedding

I’m at a wedding for two of my friends. We are in a large house, with a cavernous room painted light yellow and white, and a balcony overlooking...

December 2  •  Writing

Branáin Word Cloud (December 2, 2010)

Obviously, I’m fascinated by words. Actually, it’s an addiction. Ever since I was a child, I’ve read everything I could bring within range of my...

November 20  •  Poetry, Writing

On the Refudiation of Language Stagnation

Language stagnation begins by accepting the fact that language rules are set in stone, and by ignoring the fact that language is creative.